Who Are We Anyway?
Our skilled professionals offer a full range of bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and QuickBooks services for your company. 

Kathy Carlson established the firm in 1992 with her purchase of the very first Windows release of QuickBooks®. Other new users began relying on her natural ability and in depth understanding of the software. Within four years Balancing The Books was in full swing training and supporting users in the San Francisco Bay area. As business owners were ready to delegate, we were there to step in with expert bookkeeping & payroll services. We are able to provide our services via the internet to businesses throughout the country. Balancing The Books has worked with thousands of clients during our 25 years.

Cameo (Cami) Langland joined our team in June 2015. She brings 50 years of accounting experience to the job. As a member of AIPB (American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers) she stays on top of the ever changing bookkeeping statutes and laws. 

Her background in property management, investments, personal management and working closely with large corporate CPA firms has come in very handy here at Balancing the Books. 

With 40 years as an Automotive Controller her title of Certified Automotive Financial Manager (CAFM) was earned through Auto CPA Group. At one point in her career she was controller over 7 automobile franchises with 300 employees. During her 40 years as a controller, she won every award that General Motors, Toyota, Nissan and Ford awarded a controller.

We maintain a consistently high level of professional care and confidentiality in each project. We guarantee the accuracy of our work, as we know our clients would expect nothing less. Your problem is our project. 

We work closely with many CPA's on a regular basis. We bridge the gap between the day to day activity of a business and the big picture your CPA requires resulting in accurate decision making information and a seamless year-end. 


We represent a full range of accounting and QuickBooks professionals. 

We can recommend a great CPA or work with yours
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