Basic - $30 to $45 per month:  
We'll work from your expense and sales receipts to provide you Monthly,Year-To-Date and Previous-Year-Comparison Income Statements. We'll provide the year end reports you need for your CPA for tax purposes 
simple, basic and inexpensive. Perfect for the very small business!

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Problem Solving
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Support
Premium - $270 to $450 per month: 
With online access we can track multiple bank, credit card and loan accounts. With file sharing we can share bookkeeping responsibilities with you or your staff. We can monitor activity for accuracy and provide guidance. Reporting will be thorough and always available to you. We'll have your QB file complete and ready to share with your CPA 
- 24/7 visibility. Perfect for the hands-on business owner!
Our goal is bridge the gap between your day-to-day activity final year end accounting. 
Package pricing is based on estimated hours @ $45. to $75. per hour. 
Standard - $90 to $225 per month: 
From your bank and credit card statement, sales and expense receipts we'll  record all business activity. We'll provide the "Basic" package reports plus a balance sheet, job costing and other reports as agreed upon 
- additional useful business tools. Perfect for the growing company!
Premier - $450 to $3000 per month: 
File hosting for the multi-million dollar company allows for simultaneous file sharing among multiple users. We can implement Enterprise Solutions then train and support your staff. We'll process or import payroll, monitor class tracking and job costing, reconcile accounts weekly and work with your CPA or CFO for problem solving and accuracy 
- multi user delegation. Perfect for the larger company.
Let’s discuss the needs of your business and how we can become part of your team!
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We'll provide you with a  complete and accurate picture of your business!
We'll tailor a program to meet the needs of your business from Solo-preneur to multi-faceted Corporation
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